Supper Sabotage

I went to dinner at Bertucci’s tonight for the first time since I started going vegan and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed by the selection. Of course, since it’s Italian food everything has cheese in it, but I was hoping for there to be more options where cheese was just a topping easily left off. What I ended up ordering was their Pasta Primavera. That even comes in a creamy tomato sauce, but I asked for a substitution of just plain marinara sauce. Unfortunately it seemed like I got the creamy one anyway. I am weary of sending things back in restaurants and there wasn’t a lot of sauce to speak of and it looked like it consisted mostly of tomatoes, so I did eat some of it (My real favorite part of Bertucci’s is their bread, so I had filled up quite a bit on that before the pasta even came.).

I’m wondering what other people do in this type of situation. Would you have sent it back? I know really strict vegans don’t even like animal products touching their foods. I am not at that point yet so it was not a “gross out” situation for me, I was just disappointed because I had really tried to stay on course. Not that this has derailed me at all. I brought home the leftovers (I hate wasting food) and told my mom she could have them.


~ by Allison on June 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Supper Sabotage”

  1. Trust me, you’ll get used to sending things back. 😉 It happens.

    It seems like italian places can be the worst! At Olive Garden there isn’t a thing on the menu to eat, besides salad if you can manage to get them to bring it to you with no dressing. Even the pasta has eggs.

    • I’m just always worried that if I send something back there’s going to be that vindictive server or chef who does something to my food. I know I’m paranoid but that’s just always what I imagine, so I really try to avoid sending stuff back.

  2. 😀 And I love that disappointed photo of Bones! Hah.

    • haha She is SERIOUSLY disappointed. Looks like Booth just shot her dog or something.
      I don’t think I was making quite that face at my pasta, but maybe.

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