This Little Piggy Had None

life1I had my first meat craving today. It was for bacon. Mmmmm…..bacon. Well, I figure if I’m gonna be craving some kind of meat at least I’m not wasting my craving on something stupid like chicken nuggets or bologna. Nope. I don’t fuck around with your wussy meats. I go right for the fatty, juicy, sizzlin bacon. Jim Gaffigan would be proud.

So then I ate some leftover tempeh stir-fry. I can’t say that it quite did the trick, but I consoled myself by thinking that I probably saved like 8,000 calories and a cute little piggy in the process.


~ by Allison on June 30, 2008.

One Response to “This Little Piggy Had None”

  1. […] June: Said my final goodbye to dairy while visiting my friend Caryn in Savannah – first and last regular red velvet cupcake, ice cream, cheesey fabulous tapas. Started this blog (on LiveJournal) and met some new veggie friends! Resisted the sizzlin pull of bacon. […]

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