Where Have I Been?!

It has been WAAAAY too long since I’ve updated here. I’ve just been living my merry vegan life and forgetting to document it all! I guess because mostly it has become pretty normal.

Some things that have happened lately:

I almost got a job and in NYC no less. Yea, almost isn’t quite what I wanted. The place I interviewed LOVED me and would have hired me except the day after I had my interview their parent company (it’s a big one that you’d know) put a hiring freeze on every office they own. Grrrr. If I still don’t have a job when the freeze is lifted they will bring me on. So keep your fingers crossed!

Also while I was in NYC for said interview I saw David Duchovny! In person! About a foot away from me! And I took a shitty picture of him that will be on my camera memory card until I die! And really now that I’ve seen him, that can happen anytime and I’d be okay with it.

To tie this back into veganism, also present during my Duchovny episode was one of those new Starbucks Vivanno smoothie thingys because they are vegan (if you ask for soymilk). Although if you want to be entirely sure they are you should probably email the company and find out what’s in the juice they use. There could be hidden calcium that’s animal derivative. I don’t buy juice usually so I don’t know much about this.

Also on the vegan-front, I have resisted the great temptations of meatball grinders (for those not from western New England, grinder = sub), wedding cake, pizza (well, I peeled the cheese off) and ice cream. I found a place in Northampton that sells really yummy non-dairy ice cream (Herrell’s) and a new health-food co-op where I found a lot of random vegan stuff like Ricemellow Creme, sloppy joe mix, sucanat, as well as vegan bakery cakes (German chocolate!) and pre-made foods like potato salad. If you live in the western Massachusetts area I highly recommend checking it out. It’s the River Valley Market on King St. past Wal-mart. I also recommend Deals and Steals in downtown Northampton. They have close out prices on name brands of natural foods, clothes and other products. They even have vegan shoes!

I have been cooking up a storm and most recently made seitan from wheat gluten and nutritional yeast which I used to make faux chicken salad with some veganaise. I’ve also made Kung Pao “Chicken” using tofu. It was an easy recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. My mom used up a bunch of our bruised apples to make the fruit cobler recipe from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch and it is really good (Although it could have done with a little less sucanat. It’s really sweet.).  Tonight I’m going to make the Sage Pesto from Skinny Bitch and put it aside to make another recipe from there early next week.

Lastly, I successfully threw a reunion party for my college friends at my family’s lake house one weekend.  It took a little extra planning to ensure we could all eat happily (seems like half of us have odd eating habits or allergies or preferences) but it all worked out great.  This is the first time I’d seen all these people since I went vegan so it was interesting to talk with them about it.  It amazes me that most people have been really accepting and non-judgemental about my choice.  Mostly they are just curious and it leads to good discussions.  Plus they saw that I didn’t have to miss out on much of the good stuff.  I made some great guacamole, had a yummy vegan sausage, shared my non-mayonaise pasta salad and even got to enjoy a s’more (made with vegan chocolate and ricemellow of course).

I am still really happy with my decision and have very few moments of food-envy or frustrations.  The only thing I’m getting a little sick of is having to order pasta every time I go out to dinner with someone.  I think I need to start suggesting places where I have better options.

My goal for this week is to reread Skinny Bitch.  It has been 9 months since I read it the first time and now that I actually am a vegan I think it would be beneficial for me to read it again.  As my mom said I’ve got the “bitch” part down (thanks mom), now I just need to work on the “skinny.”


~ by Allison on August 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where Have I Been?!”

  1. Oh my gosh! I was scared you’d jumped ship on me! 😀

    I do know the draw of the Grinder!! My roommates used to go out and get the biggest ones with all this drippy stuff. I’d have to run out and buy things to make my own!

    And um… you saw David? In person?! *faint* I would have died!! 😀 😀

    I started Skinny Bitch like a year ago and still haven’t finished! I read a bit here and there. I seriously fail at the skinny portion.

    Starbucks Smoothies, definitely can be vegan. (I got the in’s with many vegan employees of starbucks, even at headquarters <3) They do have Whey Protein, so you have to ask for soymilk, and minus the whey powder. They told me a lot of people at the matcha green tea powder to the fruit one. I keep being given coupons to try it free, but haven't yet.

    Congrats on going strong with your veganism!! <3

    • I’m aliiiiiiiiiiive! I’m aliiiiiiiii iiiive! (Last Unicorn, anyone?)

      No I didn’t abandon you! Just been busy and uninspired to write I guess. I go through fazes.

      Good call on the starbucks thingy. Was not aware of the whey powder in it, but next time I will ask them to hold it for me. I’d still rather drink their tea anyway.

      I actually read Skinny Bitch on a plane ride (from Boston to Buffalo). Well, maybe I had started it the day before. I don’t know why but I zoomed right through it. Probably why I feel the need to refresh already. 🙂

      And yes! david duchovny in my very presence! it was so quick though that i didn’t even have time to die. some day i will shake that man’s hand. i swear. then i will die.

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