The Vegan Challenge

I was at Cape Cod with my “second family” this past week and besides having to answer about a bagillion questions about veganism at random times throughout the week they have been really cool about my switch.  In fact, one night we were waiting a long time for our dinner to come at a restaurant and two of my friends started to play a game with the menu.  The basis of it was that they would name an item off the menu to me and I would say whether or not I could eat it (of course we were at a seafood restaurant on the Cape so there was basically one thing on the menu I could eat).  Then, if I said “no” they had to try to make it into a vegan-friendly menu item.  They huddled together, came to a concensus and then presented it to me.  I then had to rate it based on if it was vegan and if I would want to eat it.


Some members of my faux-mily at the Cape.

The results were absolutely hilarious.  Mostly they were being silly and half the entrees turned into desserts using vegan ice cream, strawberries and dark chocolate sauce, but it was so amusing to watch them sitting there going “Okay, so no salmon. Let’s fry some tofu instead with some spices, a mustard sauce and a baked potato.”  “Oh, but no butter or sour cream remember.  “Right, but vegan butter!”  “Definitely.”  They’d get so excited to present their new co

ncoction.  Too funny!  And as crazy as some of the dishes were, it made me realize that they are listening when I’m talking about my eating habits and what I don’t eat anymore.  I don’t expect them to become vegans themselves and I don’t need their validation to know I am d

oing the right thing, but just the fact that they are interested and accepting of it makes me feel so pleased.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the greatest friends and family.


~ by Allison on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Vegan Challenge”

  1. Hahaha I love stuff like that – Stupid games but they go on for hours and are SO much fun! <3

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