A change gonna come…

SO, big things are afoot in mi vida, which is why I have been mostly MIA from this blog lately.  Along with the aforementioned show I was in, I have also been teaching dance, working at Banana Republic and doing some online work for a former employer.  And of course right in the middle of all that I was invited for a second job interview in NYC for a position that had been put on hold in July due to a hiring freeze.  Well, the hiring freeze is up and I am happy to report that I finally, finally, FINALLY have a new job!!  I start on November 3rd and am in the process of finding a place to live in NYC.  I think I’m going to have to settle with renting a room in a two bedroom place and moving in with someone I don’t know, which could be interesting and has potential to be good.  I have never had roommate problems in the past, so I will go in anticipating the best.

It should be interesting to see how the vegan lifestyle works out with a roommate too.  Since I don’t really care what anyone else eats and having meat around doesn’t bother me, I don’t expect any problems.  I am a little nervous about the NYC food situation though.  I am not sure what types of foods their general grocery stores will have on hand and how much more expensive things will be.  If there are any asian markets in the area I will have to check those out and one apartment I am going to look at says it is close to a weekly farmer’s market which would be awesome.

If anyone from the city has any advice or tips for NYC vegan living please feel free to share!  I plan on purchasing the book that’s out there about being vegan in NY too.  I know there has to be resources out there, I just will have to wait and see what will be close to my apartment.


~ by Allison on October 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “A change gonna come…”

  1. Oh, how exciting! I wish you all the best with everything. 🙂

  2. I can guarantee you wont have a problem finding the foods you want in stores. Or have a lack of places to go out to eat! 🙂 Although I can’t tell you how much things cost.

    I have a few vegan friends that live in NYC. One is Dino Sarma, who wrote Alternative Vegan (Cookbook). (And his husband <3 Steve who I luuurve!)

    There are also lots of fun meet ups around there for vegans, and I know lots of people in NJ that do stuff pretty often, so if you want a hookup with some other vegans let me know! 😀

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