Easter Musings

This morning I realized that Easter was going to be here soon.  And with that, it also dawned on me that one of the biggest things our culture does to "celebrate" this holiday, egg-dying, is not exactly vegan-friendly.  Actually, that is an understatement, it is very much not a vegan-approved activity.  Knowing what I do now about the suffering caused in order to get these eggs, I am certainly not going to condone it by buying the product.  However, egg-dying remains a tradition in our culture and was always a big part of my Easter memories.  I found myself thinking to the future when I want to make similar memories with my children.  What can you dye like an egg that isn’t an egg? 

Well, no sooner did I pose this question, did I happen upon a post from the Farm Sanctuary blog Making Hay that addresses just this issue!  It also touches on other ones like parents who buy their children real animals for the holiday (really?!) and candy.  Their answer to the egg-dying dilemma is to make paper mache eggs using small balloons and painting them.  While this will not exactly simulate the same wonder I had as a child when my egg turned purple or blue or pink, or when my mom would give me a white crayon to draw hidden designs that would show up when I dyed the egg (you have to admit that is still pretty cool), I realize that this is a very small sacrifice to make for choosing a more compassionate way of life (and passing it on to my kids).  There will be other ways to create wonder for them and opportunities to make new memories and traditions. 

If you already have children, what are some things that you do to make their Easter special without egg dying or Cadbury Creme eggs? 

One thing that I think would be fun to make a tradition out of is bringing your children to an animal sanctuary to visit real chicks and bunnies.  And instead of buying them real animals, you could participate in something like Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Farm-Animal program.  You will even get a picture and adoption certificate to put in your child’s Easter basket!


~ by Allison on April 2, 2009.

9 Responses to “Easter Musings”

  1. Cadbury Creme eggs and Peeps…


    I miss them :p

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