Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Oprah Edition

In the (always wise) words of the Animaniacs: It’s time for another edition of Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Using the wild popularity of yourself and your show to highlight the disturbing reality of factory farmed animals and even participating in a short-run vegan diet plan.

Bad Idea: Using the wild popularity of yourself and your show to give away free factory farmed chickens to the masses.  Just because they’re grilled, not fried, doesn’t make them any less dead.


YOU get a chicken & YOU get a chicken!

I have always stood up for Oprah in the past, but I just cannot reconcile the woman who won PETA’s “Person of the Year” award last year for her work publicizing cruelty to animals, with the woman now publicizing a company who perpetrates that same cruelty on a massive scale.  Nevermind the hypocracy evident on a health level.  Grilled or fried, a full KFC meal (coleslaw, biscuit, soda) is not healthy, and definitely not something that any one of Oprah’s panel of show doctors would probably recommend or approve.

No matter how you look at it, this move was an OprahFAIL.


~ by Allison on May 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Oprah Edition”

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  2. Yeah, it totally baffles me as to why she did this…

    I love the layout!

  3. […] and person that made Oprah a vegan for a brief time, something she clearly did not take to. See previous post).  Her new book The Quantum Wellness Cleanse is a guide to completing her 3 week challenge, which […]

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