The Discerning Girlie Eco Army in ‘da Haus!

Tonight I went to the Upper West Side NorthFace store to attend a discussion on living a compassionate lifestyle, with style.  The panel members were four eco-fabulous rock stars who are paving the way in the mainstreaming of the eco-friendly, cruelty-free movement.  They were: Joshua Katcher from, Michael Parris DuDell from and, Chloe Jo Berman from and Elizabeth Olsen, creator and designer of Olsen Haus Shoes.

The subtitle of the event was “Glam, Food, Fashion and Buzz” which was basically the areas of which each member of the panel spoke.  Even as someone who is already a vegan and has done her research on why it is such a fab choice, I still found the discussion interesting and picked up a few more tidbits along the way (for instance, the fact that it takes over 5 thousand gallons of water to raise one animal for food!).

I have to say, though, the part of the night I enjoyed the most was learning how each of them came into the vegan lifestyle.  It has always fascinated me how people take such different paths to arrive at the same place, working toward a common goal.   In this case, it seemed like each of the four panelists represented a good cross-section of the many possible ways people end up as vegans.  One had first done it for health but has since discovered the other benefits.  For another, it was a choice made at a young age because of the environment.  And for another, it was all about the animals.  Different lives, different backgrounds, different ideas, now using their experience to spread their ideals using what they are good at: writing, fashion, design, networking, cooking, etc.

This is something we all have the ability to do, in whatever moves us in our lives.  So if it is not animal rights or the environment for you, make it something else.  There are about a million ways you can use your voice to have an impact.  I, myself, am going to try to get better at updating this blog and continue to do work with Farm Sanctuary and with the other non-profit I volunteer for, The All Stars Project.  If you live in the NYC area I recommend checking out both of these organizations.  They are very different groups, both doing important work.

Also, if you happen to live in the Northern New Jersey area and have an interest in animal advocacy you should check out the NJAAA (North Jersey Animal Advocacy Association).  It is a new group my friend Tracie started due to the lack of such a group in the area.  We are very small so far, but have some dedicated members and great ideas.  Check out the website for information on our next meeting.


~ by Allison on May 6, 2009.

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