Tasty! A McTimewaster with a side order of McMessage

Looking to waste time at work AND practice being at the healm of an evil company hell bent on world domination?  Now you can!  Check out the subversive SimCity-like online game that allows you to run the entire McDonalds corporation!  It is (creatively) titled McDonald’s Video Game.  You are in charge of running every section of McDonalds, from chopping down the rainforest to plant crops that feed the cattle who are overgrazing the land, to putting down the cows with Mad Cow Disease, corrupting health officials in order to curb lawsuits, marketing your unhealthy fare to children and rewarding your cashiers with stickers for a job well done.  All in a days work for McDonalds and now for you!  But watch out, running a multi-bagillion dollar corporation is addictive.

Here is a YouTube video someone took of them playing the game:

Note: My favorite part of the game (besides the advertising creative smoking a joint) is the ability to add industrial waste and hormones to your cows’ food.  It would be funny if it weren’t true.


~ by Allison on May 13, 2009.

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