Food Find: Green Symphony

In the flashy, commercial, homogenized area that is Times Square (I know it’s a legendary landmark, but come on Applebees, Olive Garden and Toys R Us? Ick.), there is a haven for locals (and adventurous tourists) looking for healthier, more interesting, vegetarian-friendly food choices. Green Symphony is a tiny South Korean run store on 43rd Street between 7th and 8th (closer to 8th) that is big on healthy, wholesome eats and light on your wallet.

Honestly, I cannot believe it took me so many months of passing by this place to check it out. I have wasted so much time! And while it is not in walking distance of my office for lunch, it is on my way from Port Authority to Rockefeller and thus perfect for grabbing a morning smoothie (all of which are dairy-free) or a fresh juice, a wrap for later, or in the evenings, an after-gym Kombucha or home made vegan, glutan-free energy bar. They also have a salad bar and hot bar, some of which is vegan and labeled as such. Also available are soy yogurt, soy butter, tofu cream cheese, vegan chili, soy cheese, veggie burders, vegan mayo, tempeh and a great selection of packaged products such as ricemellow treats and Primal Strips and Sticks.  (And don’t worry, there are also a lot of great choices for you carnivores.)

Seriously, if you can’t tell, this place is amazing and I have yet to come across anything else like it in Midtown. There is a limited amount of seating, which may be the only drawback for people looking to dine in.  However, with all the beach chairs currently set up in the middle Times Square, there is no better time to grab an avocado wrap, a funky monkey smoothie (PB, bananas and rice milk? yes, please!) and pop a squat in the “crossroads of the world.”  I promise it’ll be a much more interesting and authentic NYC experience than the Olive Garden.

(For more information on Green Symphony, as well as reviews and a full menu, visit Menu Pages.)


~ by Allison on June 12, 2009.

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