Whoo hoo!!  Par-tay!

As of today, it has officially been 1 year since I went vegan (or as close to the estimated date as I can get).  To commemorate such an achievement guess what I’m doing?!  Going to the doctor!  Wahoo….wait. That is not fun. Or a party. Peeing in a cup and getting poked with needles is like the exact opposite of a party (unless of course you’re Amy Winehouse).  On the up side, getting a full physical is probably a good idea in order to assess that I am indeed getting the nutrients my body needs and that my blood work is normal.  I feel great, though, so I expect to pass everything with flying colors.  It will also be interesting to see what my new doctor has to say about my eating habits.  I basically picked her off a list on my health insurance’s website, so anything is possible.

So while I get poked and prodded and measured, enjoy my VEGAN: YEAR ONE in REVIEW:

Said my final goodbye to dairy while visiting my friend Caryn in Savannah – first and last regular red velvet cupcake, ice cream, cheesey fabulous tapas.
Started this blog (on LiveJournal) and met some new veggie friends!
Resisted the sizzlin pull of bacon.

Found out that the actress from my new favorite show was vegan too (and immediately began to idolize her accordingly)!
Survived family picnics.
Had an interview for a job in NYC but it was put on hold. 😦 (It’s okay, it has a happy ending)

Discovered amazing places to shop for vegan-friendly goods and food in W. Mass. (Deals and Steals, River Valley Market)
Adopted a sheep from Farm Sanctuary named Emmalie.
Slacked on posting on the blog (oops!).

Started working three random jobs and rehearsals for The Producers (all without animal protein, can you believe it!?).
Lost 10 pounds without trying (possibly from the above situation).

Was brought in for a second interview for the “on hold” NYC job and was offered it the same day!  Whoo hoo!
Performed in The Producers.
Scrambled to find an apartment in the NYC area and moved.

Started my new job
Went to Farm Sanctuary’s Thanksgiving FOR the Turkeys in Orland, CA.
Met Emily Deschanel!
Had a Furkey Tofurky.
(Yea, November was a good month.)

Volunteered at Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Gala where I met some celebs and made some new friends. 🙂
Survived first vegan Christmas (and even made a yummy vegan eggnog cheesecake).

Was apparently hibernating from blogging. Sorry!

Back to the blogging.
Decided there were better things to do on Easter than color eggs (like eat vegan carrot cupcakes!).

Blogged my face off!
Met some of the authors of my favorite eco, veg bloggins.
Cleansed with Kathy Freston.

And we’re back to June.

This year has been one filled with new foods, friends, jobs, experiences, responsibilities and outlooks, and I am thankful for each one of them.  In many ways, my life changed drastically this year.  In other ways, I am still the same person I always was, just better.  I hope I can say that about every year from now on.  I hope you can too.


~ by Allison on June 15, 2009.


  1. Congrats on 1 year!

    I still find it ironic that your last ‘real’ cupcake was red velvet (and it was your first time having one) and my first ‘vegan’ cupcake was red velvet and it was my first time trying one too. :p

    *celebrates and dances*

  2. haha that is funny. i have yet to have a red velvet vegan cupcake. i don’t know if anything could top that mint chocolate one anyway. droolage. now i’m craving cupcakes at 10 in the morning. 🙂

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