Vegetation Rumination: The vegan food you can’t live without.

Ok, time for some audience participation.  Hello?  Anyone? Bueller?

What is the one vegan (or vegetarian, if that’s your thing) food you cannot live without?

For me it would have to be hummus (although guacamole comes in a close second).  Hummus is just so versatile, whether as a dip for veggies, a spread on a sandwich or something to lick off a spoon (not that I would do that, I’ve just heard).  It adds the perfect kick (and healthy protein) to almost anything.  I love making it homemade in my mini food processor (the roasted red pepper hummus recipe from La Dolce Vegan is a favorite).  It is so easy and much cheaper and better for you than the store bought brands.

Okay, your turn!  Leave your must-have food in the comments.


~ by Allison on June 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vegetation Rumination: The vegan food you can’t live without.”

  1. Definitely peanut butter. I would submerge myself in it if i could and am investigating whether any clothing designers have found a use for it yet.

    • Yes, peanut butter is also amazing. I actually stopped buying it lately because it disappears too quickly! Oh do I miss it though.

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