VEGdaily Confirms My New Fav Skin Line is Vegan!

Back in February my skin was waging a war against the fact that I had moved it from fresh-air filled Western Massachusetts to car-exhaust and street-meat air filled NYC.  I don’t think I have broken out like that since high school, and maybe not even then since I was fortunate enough to not have acne problems.  Anyway, at the time I bought about five different cleansers, moisturizers, cover ups and spot treatments to try to combat the civil unrest.  One of the cleansers I found while scouring Sephora for eco-friendly, all-natural, vegan products (as much as I love that store, that is NOT an easy fete there) was called Make Up Break Up by Boscia.logo

It claimed it was all-natural and it did not test on animals.  At that point, it was enough for me.  It was a little pricier than your average drugstore cleanser, but I figured that maybe my face could use a little pampering.  At the same time I also bought their all-natural blotting papers to use throughout the day at work to try to control the oil and pollutant build-up.

Long story short, I love these products.  I use the cleanser almost every night and still have not run out.  And the best news?  I won the war on acne a few months back.  I can’s say this is directly due to Boscia because I have also amassed an arsenal of mudmasks, Biore pore strips and exfoliants that get called into duty on a semi-regular basis.  However, now that I know all of their products are in fact entirely vegan, I will continue to support this company and pay the extra cost to do so.  Our $$ shows the cosmetic business what we support and mine supports compassion.  How about yours?

Original Source: VEGdaily


~ by Allison on June 25, 2009.

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