About the Author

n920324_41622757_5211Allison is a recent NYC transplant, hailing originally from Massachusetts.  She has degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice and Advertising, but is currently a graphic designer (and keenly aware of how ridiculous that sounds).

Her future aspirations lie in entertainment marketing and her interests are in dance, music, art, writing, pop culture, travel, shopping at Trader Joe’s, animal rights, gin & tonics, the environment, volunteerism, cover songs, guacamole, good books, bad horror movies and mediocre walks on the beach.  She has little to no interest in politics, country music, economics, reality TV, your cat, and whatever you’re selling.  She is a big fan of sarcasm, but she’s serious about that last one.

In June 2008, Allison became a vegan (somewhat suddenly, her friends might add) and began this blog to document her journey and connect with other veg*ns.  If you would like to know more about why she decided to make such a lifestyle change, please read the Eating My Words Inaugural Speech.  For more in-depth information on veganism and why it is an excellent choice for your health, as well as the health of our planet and our animal friends, see the links provided or pick up a copy of Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating.

Allison welcomes you to tell her how awesome she is any time via eatingmywords13 at gmail dot com.  She will also accept: questions about the giant pig, comments from carnivores about how much they love meat, suggestions on more interesting things to write about and good ol ridicule.  Bring it on!


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